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My Profile

Who Am I?
Hi, my name is Merinda Chua, a mother of a single princess.

I may considered myself is a very lucky woman, which from my school day to my career and to my personal family, I’m always blessed and loved with full support from the people around me.

I graduated from University Sains Malaysia as a degree holder in Bachelor of Pharmacy.  Since graduated, I work in retail pharmacy industry for 10 years until today.  Here I gain my retail experience from operation, sales to human management skill.  Self improvement is always my aim in my life journey, and I am very lucky to have employers who believe in human capital and give me the opportunity to take charge of department which is totally new to me after around 5 years service.  From here, I gain my another new learning experience of negotiating in purchasing and the concept of marketing, which I strongly believe is a priceless value that will follow me forever and wherever I go.

Why do I join Internet Network Marketing?
Ever since from my first birth delivery, I am always looking forward to sacrifice my career for my daughter.  As I always believe no matter how high a person climb in the corporate ladder, his/her role is always replaceable while a mother’s role is never ever can be replaced by anyone else.  Again I’m lucky to be a woman which this dream has the higher possibility to be fulfilled as I’m not the breadwinner in the family.

During my 2nd month confinement, suddenly I felt myself is not the person who may really sit at home doing nothing and 100% spend time with my child.  After 10 years in career life, it is difficult to just stop which make myself feels disconnected to the outside world.  From then onwards, I’m seriously looking into business venture that allow me to work from home to enjoy the benefits of:

-          - To fulfill my dreams to spend time with my daughter to nurture her, to achieve my objective to raise a happy child with positive and healthy personality
-          - To be able to still working which allow me to continue learning new skills, socializing and getting connected to the outside world

Then after years of searching, finally I found my opportunity in Vemma Internet Home Business that indirectly related to my profession which I may continue giving my service on health related issues and at the same time running a home based business that slowly expose me to multiple income streams.

Why Vemma?
Along the way of searching a home based business, I have come across many other network marketing opportunities, but they are just can’t convince me as I understand the marketing strategies used in conventional network marketing such as cold call, meeting after office hour or weekends, chasing after prospects are just not my style and defeat my purpose of wanting to really work from home.  Click here to read My 10 Reasons to join Vemma.

Like any other business, Vemma is just another legitimate business which you have the choice to work either online or offline.  Thus as it is a business, it consists of all the components a business owner needs to have such as:
-          - Commitment
-          - Time – which work from home
-          - Leadership
-          - Continuous learning attitude
-          - Right understanding of marketing power to create leads – which you can do it either online or offline with zero to very minimum marketing expenses
-          - Understanding of the 5 areas of business success (from Brad Sugars)

A success business model is never run away from these few factors:
-       1) To have Quality, Genuine and Reliable products (Read more about Vemma Product)

-         2) To have an auto-run backend system with minimum man-power involvement -  Vemmabuilder
     Vemmabuilder – A strong backend system that simply enable you to 100% work from home by leverage on the effective automated internet marketing system to run the Vemma business! Whether you are newbie or pro on internet, Vemmabuilder is an effective system for every home business owners! Within the 2 weeks I join Vemma, I already have 8 members and 604 pre-enrollee (person who opt in to VemmaBuilder) under my team.

     3)Team who share the same vision and mission which create a healthy culture and provide continuous training – Vemma Team Alpha   
     Vemma Team Alpha  With all the top leaders and successful mompreneur in Vemma Team Alpha, the business is rocking! Training and personal guidance are provided to every single Vemma members. All the members in Vemma Team Alpha is like a big family who never cease to help each other. 

Thus, with Vemma online business here, I will continue to learn and share general information on:
-          Health related issues
-          Personal self development in business and personal life
-          Social media skills

To have my personal coaching on Vemma online business, contact me at or fill up the form here, I will follow up with you from here.

To your success,
Merinda Chua
Contact: 012-6137498(Malaysia)
Skype: Merinda Chua