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Thursday, March 10, 2011

How To Show VemmaBuilder System In Chinese Language?

VemmaBuilder (Internet Marketing System) launched the Chinese Language version in January 2010.

VemmaBuilder developed the Chinese Language System in order to gain access to the Chinese market. The Chinese VemmaBuilder system is a major milestone for all Vemma members. This places us in a very unique position to market our business opportunity online to the Chinese speaking community. After launching the Chinese version of VemmaBuilder system, many Vemma partners were actively enrolling Chinese speaking members in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, but there are many VemmaBuilder members in Malaysia and Singapore will ask the same question: -

“Why do I see the English version of VemmaBuilder system?”
“How to see the Chinese version of VemmaBuilder system?”

This is because the web browser language setting of most of the internet users in Malaysia and Singapore were English.

I am here to share with you how to show the VemmaBuilder system in Chinese language.

VemmaBuilder system is an intelligent internet marketing system. It will display site information base on your web browser language settings. If you are using Internet Explorer and want to see the Chinese version of VemmaBuilder system, please change the following settings: -

Tools -> Internet Options -> Languages -> Add -> Chinese (Simplified, PRC) [zh-CN] -> Ok.

Click Chinese (Simplified, PRC) [zh-CN] -> Move up to the top -> Ok.

Then log in to VemmaBuilder system, now you can see the Vemmabuilder system in Chinese Language. After setting, you are able to receive mails in Chinese language as well.

To Your Success,

Merinda Chua

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