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Monday, February 21, 2011

How To Install a Favicon in Your Vemma Blog or Website?

Here is another sharing from KW's blog, tip to make your blog looks more professional especially for internet enterpreneurs. Thanks KW for the sharing.


What is favicon?

Favicon (short for favorite icon) is the tiny icon images which is placed on your visitor’s browser’s address bar. Though it seems to be insignificant, having this favicon will boost up your prospect’s confident that they are dealing with a professional internet marketer. A favicon looks something like this:

How to Install Favicon on Your VEMMA Blog or Website?

Favicon on my VEMMA Blog

See that small icons on the left side of my VEMMA’s blog address? It’s called favicon and you MUST have that. To make your own favicon, simply create a 16×16 image with your favorite image editing software. Once you got your image ready, go to and upload your image there. You will then be provided with a .ico file.

1) Installing a favicon to your wordpress blog:-

You can install it by using the wordpress plugin.

Go to Plugin >> Add New, search for cbnet Favicon and click install now. Then upload your .ico file.

2) Installing a favicon to your website

Go to your Web Root (public_html/www) and navigate to your “index.html” file, insert this line of code into the head tag of your “index.html” file.

On this example, I used favicon.ico as the filename example. You may need to change that with your own favicon filename and you should be done.

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