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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Myth of Harmfulness on Western Medicine and What Should Be Our Action?

There are many times that I have come across people who are so much against on western medicine. In their life dictionary, the miss conception on western medicine brings more harm to their body is over taking the actual understanding on how western medicine’s role in helping us to improve life mortality and morbidity when it is used in the right time and the right way.

Of course it is a perfect scenario if all kind of medicines (be in western or tradition) can be avoided, but we need to accept the fact that:

No one is 100% healthy throughout his/her lifetime and free of minor illness especially for us human being living in this 21st century that surrounded by all kinds of radiation, stress, modern diet and polluted air that full with all types of mutated microbes.

As a healthcare professional, I strongly believe the balance of the usage between western medicine and food supplement.

There are many factors that cause human illness which the common fundamentals are:

- Imbalanced of body immune defense system

- Increase of body acidity level

Of course if one’s immune defense system is strong, a minor illness will not bring the needs of taking medication. But think about people with degenerative disease or lower body immune defense system, will the decision of not taking medication help to improve their quality of life??

In healthcare profession, there are many times we forgot that we are not treating the numbers (eg fever degree, cholesterol level or blood pressure reading), but is about treating patient as a person and to improve his/her quality of life. In the example of microbe infection fever, the degree of temperature is always mistaken as the key determine of medicine intervention, but in many case of microbes infection, the not so alarming temperature degree is enough to cause the spreading of body internal inflammation and directly affect a person’s quality lifestyle. Thus, I personally do not see the harm on why medication shouldn’t be taken at this stage of illness.

It is right in certain degree that western medicine does bring certain level of adverse effect to our body. First we need to understand that all consumable medicine pass through our liver and kidney to get metabolized and excreted, thus it does cause certain level of burden to these 2 main organs.

What I’m more concerning is the acidity and free radical effect of medication to our body. In the circumstances where western medication can’t be avoided (such as in degenerative disease or illness that affect the quality of our life), the wise action should be focused on how to get rid of the free radical and acidity level in our body and not to go against on further taking the right medication.

There are many ways to reduce body acidity and free radical, few common tips are:

- Exercise

- Healthy balance diet (consist of 5 colors vegetable or fruit, and variety of grains)

- Avoid high acidity food (eg meat)

- Increase body alkalinity (eg. Taking antioxidant supplement)

By the taking the right antioxidant supplement, not only our body acidity and free radical reduced, indirectly our body immune system is elevated too.

We are what we eat, drink, breath and do. We cannot control the pureness of the air we breathe in everyday, but we are empowered to take charge of what we eat and drink everyday.

Thus, take action now on how to increase our body antioxidant and alkaline level rather than trying to go against things that beyond our control. Do not pray for a lighter burden but for a stronger shoulder”.

Start to build your body antioxidant level today before the need of medication.

To Your Success,

Merinda Chua


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