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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is Vemma A Perfect Business?

The Vemma Business Opportunity is your opportunity to be part of the next billion dollar wellness company while it’s still in its GROWTH stage! It provides powerful financial rewards in the form of both immediate and long-term income!

Why Vemma?

Simply because Vemma is the best-balanced opportunity available today and it fulfills all of those the Eleven Points of a Perfect Business as illustrate below:-

1) Global Opportunity
The ideal business sells the world rather than a single neighborhood or a single city or locality; in other words, it has HUGE MARKET.

2) Inelastic Demand
The ideal business has a product with “inelastic demand.” This means that people need it, almost regardless of price.

3) No Employees
The ideal business has low labor requirements, the fewer people needed, the better.

4) Continuing Need
The ideal business sells a product that has a continuing need. It’s not a fad product. It’s not a product that people can easily substitute or even do without.

5) Low Overhead
The ideal business has low overhead; it does not need large amounts of electricity, advertising, legal advice, etc.

6) Unique Product
The ideal business produces a product that is difficult (or nearly impossible) for a competitor to copy and reproduce. This mean the product is an original (such as publication) or it requires very special know-how.

7) Low Investment
The ideal business does not require huge cash expenditures or large investments in equipment. In other words, it does not tie up your money.

8) Cash Business
The ideal business is a business that has cash billings; it does not tie up your money in extended credit arrangements.

9) Regulation-Free
The ideal business is relatively free from all kinds of government and industry regulations.

10) Portable
The ideal business is portable. You can take it anywhere you want, Florida, California, Europe or Asia.

11) Fascinating
Here’s a crucial but overlooked one. The ideal business is one that keeps you fascinated. You love it! It requires your full intellectual, and often emotional energies.

Test run yourself, explore it and you will enjoy it, a business that allow you to work wherever you want even at the comfort from your home.

Test Run by yourself today!

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